For accounting firm owners who are ready to turn their monster business into a freedom practice.

Bottle Your Brilliance is a 6-month accelerator program.  It is designed to take your current services and turn them into a bespoke framework and model that differentiates you from every other accounting firm in your country. 

You will immediately be able to 2.5x your prices with your new bulletproof offer, and current and potential clients will be lining up to work with you.  

We then turn this bulletproof offer into marketing and sales collateral that builds a robust marketing engine that gives you high-value leads and clients over the coming months/years. 

Please note this is not a group coaching program, it is working with Amanda and our team direct in a mixture of workshops and done for you funnel building


For introvert business owners who are ready to bottle their brilliance and increase their revenue and reputation.

Bottle Your Brilliance is a 6 month accelerator that includes VIP 1:1 access to Amanda, as well as having our team completely build out the tech side of your funnels. You will create a marketing engine that shares your expertise and positions you as the only answer to your potential clients. All without having to do extroverted marketing activities that drain your energy and leave you burnt out.

Traditionally, accountants and accounting firms could only sell their expertise by the hour or by the day.

The longer a service took to provide the more you charged.

However, times have changed and the ability to transform lives based on what you KNOW, and not only what you DO, has opened up a whole new opportunity.

Maybe you have been following other firm owners wondering how they are making so much money without having to do the grunt work for their clients. Maybe you are wondering how they have so much time to enjoy their lives, spend time with family, go skiing and travel the world. 

Well the truth is, the business owners who take their brilliance and bottle it into a transformational method, process or program, are the ones that are attracting the high-value clients that appreciate them. 

And if you would like to have these opportunities then I am glad you are here.

Who Is This For?

Bottle Your Brilliance is for any accountants or business advisors from any background from anywhere in the world that has the expertise and knowledge that can help other people in their business.

Whether you are a qualified accountant, EA, CPA or business advisor, as long as you are truly good at what you do we will help you get paid your worth.

We take your intellectual property, package it up into a framework and model and also handle all the tech headaches for you. Leaving you to do what you are good at. Being brilliant.

As a professional you want to be able to articulate what you do in a way that is easily understood and rooted in transforming others' lives. This grows your reputation, results and revenue.

What Kind Of Business Owners Do We Work With?

>> Accounting Advisors

>> Tax Advisors

>> Finance Advisors

>> Management Advisors

>> Management Consultants

>> Business Consultants

>> Financial Coaches

>> Wealth Strategists

>> Business Advisors

>> And more...

Who Do We NOT Work With?

We do not work with firms that ONLY want to sell compliance.

We specialise in helping accounting firms that want to integrate

business advisory into their offering.

So if that is you, you are definitely in the right place...


First, you CLARIFY.

Second, you BUILD.

Then, you DEPLOY.


During this foundation stage we will be delving deep into your mind and extracting the ideal business, client and offer for you.

Big Picture

Get a 30,000 foot view on what you want your brand, offer and business to look like. Making sure it is in complete alignment with your desired lifestyle. Before you dive into it all you must understand that WHY behind what you are creating.

Niche Market

There is a sweet spot around your expertise, ideal client and what you enjoy doing. When you nail your niche you can grow an audience of loyal fans that will gladly pay you what you are worth.

Signature Process

Using The Signature System you will design a comprehensive and remarkable solution for your clients that will transform lives. You will then use this system to position yourself in a category of one and command high-value fees.


During this phase we will be building marketing assets that position you as the expert and ONLY choice for your ideal client. You will pre-sell your services so that sales calls are elegant and not a slimy experience.

Community Builder

Crafting a guide that attracts your ideal client and then nurturing them through an automated nurture sequence is the fastest way to grow your audience and getting them to know, like and trust you.

High-Converting Masterclass

People buy at a time that is right for them, which is why we craft a high converting masterclass that positions you as the expert so that when people are ready to buy, they buy from you. This high-converting masterclass builds on your guide and enhances your expertise and value.

Elegant Close

Nothing feels worse than delivering (or receiving) slimy and sleazy sales tactics. Our 6 step Elegant Close enables you to guide a prospect though a conversation that invites them to work with you if they are a right fit. You get to audition prospects rather than beg them to buy from you.


This phase is where we deploy all the assets we have developed and built together and increase your influence, impact and income.

Social Media Set-Up

Using the Signature Social Media Plan, we chose 1-2 key platforms and get them set up correctly from the start. Your social media will clearly share what you do, who you do it for, and how people can find out more about you.

Relevant Content Machine

Relevant Content Creation isn’t about creating MORE, is about creating content that gets attention, engagement and moves your ideal client onto the next stage of the buyers journey. Share content aligned with your signature process, knowing that you are hitting your ideal clients hot buttons and cutting through the noise.

Growing Your Audience

Using our organic and paid growth strategies, you will drive traffic to your email list and grow an engaged audience of loyal fans. This will be the fuel to your marketing engine and ensure you have a steady flow of leads at all times.



During the build phase you will complete each module and then hand over your work and let us do the rest. By the time you’re done you will have:

A lead generation funnel

A lead magnet delivery and nurture email sequence set up

A masterclass/webinar funnel

A webinar show up and replay email sequence

A call booking funnel

payment page

Complete with all the pages and email marketing automations set up for you so that you can do what is best: transforming your clients businesses and their lives.

What Support Do You Get Over The 6 Months?

Unlimited On-Demand 1:1 Personalised Business Coaching

Complete with all the pages and email marketing automations set up for you so that you can do what is best: transforming your clients businesses and their lives.

Unlimited Content Reviews

No more getting stuck on what to say in your marketing. You will be able to submit your content (guide, webinar, emails etc) and get personalised feedback from Amanda and the team so you can confidently know that your marketing is resonating and not just adding to white noise online.

Written For You Scripts, Templates And Content

No more staring at a blank screen wondering what to write. The Bottle Your Brilliance Method gives you access to all our proven content for your lead magnets, emails, webinars and sales conversations all customisable - you will have clarity and confidence.

If you have read this far then it shows you are committed and curious, and aware that there is a better way for you to talk about and deliver your services. You may have doubts, and that is ok, because you wouldn't be a sensible business owner if you didn't question and think deeply about things.

Bottle Your Brilliance Is The Fastest and Most Assured Path To Creating A Service Product That Transforms Yours and Your Clients' Lives...

Are you ready to find out more?

...then apply here for a 15 minute 1:1 Breakthrough Session with Amanda C. Watts

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